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Coronavirus (Covid-19) Statement

During the current Coronavirus outbreak in the UK we are making some changes to both how we work and our policies regarding payments.

Social Distancing:

First and foremost, like many businesses throughout the UK, we are on ‘lockdown’ and are unable to visit or meet with clients. This is to ensure compliance with government business closure/travel restrictions and more importantly to protect ourselves and our clients.

Payments & Outstanding Invoices:

We have also temporarily relaxed policies on web hosting/domain renewal payments during this very difficult time for UK businesses,

However, it is important that all our clients understand that we are also a small business with suppliers to pay and as such we ask that clients with outstanding hosting invoices pay them if at all possible, if you are in a position where you cannot pay then we will not turn off your website & emails but you must contact us! Failure to do so may result in web services being suspended. We will work with any client that is currently suffering financial difficulties during the UK lockdown, the options can include spreading payments over time or possibly a payment holiday.

Above all we hope everyone stays safe during these difficult times.