Scotland’s Web Design and Updates

Scotland’s Web Design – Definition of Minor/Major Updates:

Minor Updates
Changing or adding  an  Address or Telephone Number
Adding or deleting up to 5 photographs
Adding or deleting of a text passage of information ( This does not include a complete page of information)
Links to other websites or web pages
Change of text colour
Adding a scrolling banner
The above will be considered by Scotland’s Web Design as minor updates and will be done F.O.C

Major Updates
Are Very Time Consuming
Any Change of design, this includes colours used in the design and not text (After you have accepted the website )
Adding of pages and content
Adding of Forms etc
If you have one of the following already on your website, (photograph gallery, roll over photograph, pop up roll over photograph) adding another will constitute a major update.
Setting up a PayPal account on the site

The cost of any major work carried out to your website will be at our reasonable rate.

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